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News 19/06/2014
Il Geospatial World Innovation Award al CNR-IIA


Il premio per la categoria “Technology Innovation in Interoperability” assegnato dalla giuria internazionale all'Istituto sull'Inquinamento Atmosferico per la progettazione e lo sviluppo del “Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) Brokering Framework”. Il premio è stato ritirato da Stefano Nativi, Responsabile della UOS di Firenze. Read more... Video


News 05/06/2014
GEO European Projects Workshop (GEPW8)



News 30/05/2014

Mercurio misurato alla stazione di Monte Cimone 


News 29/05/2014

Series of seminars at Stockholm University

The GEO European Projects Workshop (GEPW8) will take place on 12th and 13th June in Athens, Greece. Details on the event are available at Read more...  


I ricercatori del CNR-IIA in collaborazione con i ricercatori del CNR-ISAC, hanno installato il sistema di misura per la determinazione in continuo delle diverse specie di mercurio atmosferico presso la Stazione di Ricerca Climatica globale GAW-WMO di Monte Cimone, a 2.165 metri di quota. Read more... 


A day of seminars presenting the research of the Institute of  
Atmospheric Pollution of the Italian National Research Council  
(CNR-IIA) and some of the research going on there, focusing on: psychotropic  substances  in  the  air,  exposure assesment  
to atmospheric PAHs, hydrogen in GC/MS, sampling  of  semivolatile  
organic  compounds  on functionalized siliceous surfaces.


News 14/04/2014
Appathon 2014, a GEO global competition


News 14/04/2014
The First International Workshop on EHPS


News 14/04/2014
The GMOS Mercury Modelling Task Force


GEO just launched the Appathon 2014, a global competition to develop mobile "apps" to help people make smarter decisions about the Environment. Registration has been extended through 31 July (Press release). A video explains also details (Link to video)


It was organized by CNR-IIA, it was held in Rome on the 29th-30th of April 2014 as part of a European Concerted Research Action designed as COST Action, MP1206 Electrospun Nano-fibres for bio inspired composite materials and innovative industrial applications. Read more...      


The GMOS Mercury Modelling Task Force is taking place at the CNR-IIA, in Rome (14-15th April). The meeting is being attended by colleagues from the US, Canada, Russia and Germany, with a number of colleagues worldwide connected via videoconferencing. The program of the Task Force modelling exercises will be available soon after of the end of the meeting. Read more...

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