Electric Vehicle for Nano-Particles Assessment Lab

The electric vehicle is equipped with analytical instrumentation for environmental nano-particles assessment, including a meteorological station. The vehicle has been involved in several field campaigns carried out in china within a cooperation program with the Italian Ministry for environment Land and sea.

Instruments on board:

  • Nano-particle counter
  • Meteo station
  • Grimm – Optical Particle Counter
  • Nephelometer – PM10
  • Phonometrer


Mobile Air Quality Lab

he Mobile Laboratory is a customised van, with permanent monitorino equipment, but it also has space for extra equipment should the need arise. It also has a data acquisition system which allows data to be transmitted to the Rende section in real time.

At present the mobile laboratory can monitor:

  • Metorological parameters;
  • O3;
  • CO and CO2;
  • NOx;
  • SO2;
  • Particulates (PM10, PM2.5);
  • Hg (GEM, RGM, TPM);
  • MicroGCfor VOC analysis.

As well as:

  • Fume cupboard;
  • Dilution calibrator;
  • Zero air generator.