Gas Monitoring is performed by means of automatic instrumentation for sampling and concentration measurements. Such instruments are NOx analyzers and  chemiluminescence analyzers, CO infrared analyzers, O3 UV Photometry analyzers, hydrocarbons flame ionization analyzers.

PM monitoring

PM monitoring is carried out by instruments which can perform either the sampling or the concentration measurement without any intervention by the operator. Usually sequential samplers fitted performing the sampling and quantitative determination of the particulates collected on special filters using beta rays and the analyzing systems allowing speciation of mercury in PM2.5 by the cold vapor atomic fluorescence are part of this family.

Gas Sampling

Gas sampling is performed to permit the next chemical analysis of collected samples. The equipment is different according to the sampled compound and the desired time resolution.

PM Sampling

PM sampling is performed to permit the next chemical/physical analysis of collected samples (XRF, SEM, ECOC, etc.). Sequential sampler are usually employed  combined with sampling head specific for desired particle size.


Deposition Sampling

The sampling of atmospheric deposition is carried out using automatic samplers capable of sampling simultaneously events related to the deposition Wet and Dry or Wet only over a period set by user and to maintain the sample at a controlled temperature before proceeding to the withdrawal and transportation in laboratory for the determination of trace metals by means (AAS, ICP-MS) and mercury in ultratrace means (CVFAS).

Sediment sampling

Marine sediment sampling is carried out in order to determine trace metals by (AAS, ICP-MS) and mercury in ultratrace (CVFAS).