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Angelo Cecinato 






Tel.  +39 06 90672260
Fax  +39 06 90672660
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  Degree in Chemistry;


  Superior Mastery in Religious Sciences


Present Position:


Research Director




CNR-Institute for Atmospheric Pollution
Area della Ricerca di Roma, Montelibretti
V. Salaria Km 29,300, Roma


Short CV



Research Interest: 


Particulate organic pollutants, including toxic (PAH, Nitro-PAH, oxy/aza-PAC), source-related (alkanes, acids: fingerprints and molecular markers) and drug (cocaine, cannabinoids) compounds. Volatile and semi-volatile carbonyls. Semi-volatile organics, including sampling methodologies to discriminate the vapour and particulate fractions (denuders).

In-field campaigns for measuring organic pollutants.  Atmospheric chemistry. Atmospheric pollution. Data Quality assurance.



Research Activity:

A. Cecinato was graduated in Chemistry at La Sapienza University (Rome), then he conducted his scientific career at the CNR-IIA, step-by-step from host fellow (1976), up to Director of Research  (2002). He obtained also the Superior Mastery in Religious Sciences at the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome.

A. Cecinato participated in numerous programmes promoted by CNR, European Union and other Institutions or Agencies (ENI, ENEA, ISPESL, ISS, Universities, Ministries). Since 1996 A. Cecinato is team leader at IIA-CNR. All his researches deal with environmental chemistry within the topics of pollution (air, emissions) and atmospheric chemistry. Investigations concern inorganic species (O3, NOx, SO2; atmospheric acidity), toxic organics (PCB, PCDD/F, PAH, NPAH, VOC, carbonyls, PAN) and molecular markers (alkanes, acids). Recently he started a research on atmospheric psychotropics.

A. Cecinato took part in various Commissions and Working Groups, including the WHO-WG on NPAH (2001) and the Italian Ministry of the Environment WGs on benzene, benzo(a)pyrene and atmospheric particulates (1994). He takes the task of teaching and training for Italian and foreign students and graduated, and makes seminars and conferences in workshops and schools. He is author of 104 articles in scientific journals of international relevance, 28 articles in national journals, 11 monographs, 200 conference communications; he reviews also papers proposed for publication on 14 international journals.



Recent publications:

R. Mabilia, A. Cecinato, E. Guerriero, M. Possanzini. “Uncertainties of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon and carbonyl measurements in heavy-duty diesel emission”, Journal of Separation Science 29 (2006), 302-307.

P. Di Filippo, C. Riccardi, C. Gariazzo, F. Incoronato, D. Pomata, S. Spicaglia, A. Cecinato. “Air pollutants and the characterization of organic content of aerosol particles in a mixed industrial/semi-rural area in central Italy. J. Environ. Monit. 9 (2007), 275-282.

A. Cecinato, C. Balducci. “Detection of cocaine in the airborne particles of the Italian cities Rome and Taranto”. J. Separation Sci. 30 (2007), 1930-1935.

C. Gariazzo, C. Sibello, S. Finardi, P. Radice, A. Piersanti, G. Calori, A. Cecinato, C. Perrino, F. Nussio, M. Cagnoli, A. Pelliccioni, G.P. Gobbi, P. Di Filippo. A gas/aerosol air pollutants study over the urban area of Rome using a comprehensive chemical transport model. Atmospheric Environment 41 (2007), 7286-7303.

M. Possanzini, G. Tagliacozzo, A. Cecinato. “Simultaneous determination of formic acid and lower carbonyls in air samples by DNPH derivatization”. Journal of Separation Science 15 (2007), 2460-2465.

R. Ladji, N. Yassaa, A. Cecinato, B.H. Meklati. “Seasonal variation of particulate organic compounds in atmospheric PM10 in the biggest municipal wate landfill of Algeria”. Atmospheric Research 86 (2007), 249-260.

M. Possanzini, V. Di Palo, G. Tagliacozzo, A. Cecinato. Physico-chemical artefacts in atmospheric PAH denuder sampling. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 26 (2006), 185 – 195.

P. De Castro Vasconcellos, O. Sanchez-Ccoyllo, C. Balducci, R. Mabilia, A. Cecinato. Occurrence and concentration levels of nitro-PAH in the air of three Brazilian cities experiencing different emission impacts. Water, Air and Soil Pollution 190 (2008), 87-94.

R. Fabiani, A. De Bartolomeo, P. Rosignoli, G. Morozzi, A. Cecinato, C. Balducci. Chemical and toxicological characterization of airborne total suspended particulate and PM10 organic extracts. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 28 (2008), 486-499.

A. Cecinato, C. Balducci, G. Nervegna, S. Pareti, G. Tagliacozzo, A. Brachetti. Year time modulation of n-alkanes, PAH, nitro-PAH and organic acids at Montelibretti (Rome), Italy. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 28 (2008), 500-517.

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